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Details about Code Curves and How Code Curves helps you


Code Curves helps you improve your curves fast. We have a 3 step system that helps you see results within 2-7 days! 

  1. CODE CURVES PILLS help your body balance hormones and if you are low on the hormones responsible for your curves it will help increase them to a safe and natural level. The same way processed foods add bad nutrients to your body and trigger fat to be stored in unflattering areas; Code Curves HELPS your body and promotes positive natural processes keeping your body in a balanced state.
  2. CODE CURVES LOTION uses 2 key natural ingredients to help you produce more fat in the area it's applied. Similar to the process mentioned above with bad stimulants causing sloppy fat, our lotion promotes natural positive effects in your body. One ingredient activates receptors responsible for fat storage particularly in your butt, hips, breast (the same places activated during puberty). The second ingredient begins stimulating fat in the area it was applied to. 
  3. CODE CURVES GUIDE gives you a proven system that take 15 minutes and you only have to do it 2 times a week. The entire system in Code Curves guide alone could get you results within 24 hours. 

Combined you will SEE results within 2-7 days.

  • You will notice your jeans are harder to get past your booty.
  • You will catch guys and girls looking at your butt and body.
  • You will notice the arch forming between your low back and butt.
  • You will notice your waist is not hanging as much.



You only need a few seconds a day to use our products and 15 minutes 1-2 times a week to see results within 2-7 days with Code Curves. Getting curves with Code Curves is pretty effortless.

The main ingredients in our products are derived from exotic plants. These plants are sourced and go through rigorous test to make sure the meet high quality standards. 



You only need to try Code Curves once to get results. Code Curves works so naturally with your body you do not need to continue taking them. We will never bill you more than once and we will only use the information you provide for fulfill your order.