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Get all our products for getting a bigger butt, wider hips and curvaceous body at a discounted price and faster more dramatic results!


Code Curves Supplements: Help you get a bigger butt, wider hips, a smaller waistline, slimmer stomach, bigger breast, and beautiful curves naturally over time without surgery or exercise.

CODE CURVES™ Supplement has a variety of ingredients that essentially work in 3 ways: 


  1. It helps diminish bad chemicals your body produces under stress. Stress on your body can be caused by lifestyle, food choices, lack of sleep, emotional stress, etc. This causes fat to be deposited in your stomach, lower back, chin line, arms, etc. These are chemicals like cortisol. These ingredients help destroy those chemicals naturally.
  2. It can support muscle growth. It helps your body recuperate faster from muscle tissue fatigue. It supplies important nutrients directly to your muscles (your body breaks them down of course).
  3. It helps balance hormones while activating receptors & hormones which are responsible for puberty. These are naturally supplied by Mother Earth so any excess your body doesn't need is safely released from your body when you use the restroom.

Over time your body may get accustomed to this new pattern and it begins to distribute fat in this pattern thus you can quit and not worry about losing results. The time this takes is usually between 4-9 weeks.


Code Curves Pumping Lotion: Help you get wider hips naturally as well as a bigger butt and breast without exercise or surgery.

Code Curves™ Plumping Lotion contains break-through newly discovered ingredients which were found in international university studies help to safely increase fat in the specific areas it is applied to.

It is a cruelty-free, NON-GMO and natural lotion that is safe to use on your body without causing irritation or side effects.

Use our plumping lotion on any part of the body you desire to stimulate fat production. Code Curves™ Plumping Lotion is commonly used in areas such as buttocks, hips, and breast.


Code Curves™ Plumping Lotion uses two natural safes active ingredients to stimulate your body’s own fat production exclusively at the area on which the lotion is applied.

Two key ingredients extracted from natural resources boost the skin’s ability to generate fat cells, helping to improve volume and definition naturally.

Sarsasapogenin: Derived from the roots of the Asian botanical Anemarrhena Asphodeloides.It exhibits the ability to promote the natural differentiation and proliferation of lipids which leads to an increase of adipocyte volume in the fatty tissue. It gradually stimulates the installation and development of a subcutaneous fat layer which provides a plumper, less wrinkled appearance.

Macelignan: Derived from nutmeg it helps increase adipose tissue through stimulation of the PPAR-Y2 receptors. These receptors are largely responsible for regulating the expression of genes involved in the adipogenesis process (fat cell production).


EBOOK: The guide is over 100 pages of complete natural enhancement. Discover what to eat and when to eat to get a bigger butt, wider hips, slimmer waistline and fuller breast.



Learn which exercise to do to get a bigger butt and wider hips with the minimal amount of effort and fastest results. You will also find secret natural techniques and remedies/rituals which will help you get sexy natural curves. Each section has amazing details on how to naturally and safely enhance your body.



SECTIONS INCLUDE: How to get a bigger butt, How to get wider hips, How to get a slimmer waistline, How to remove stretch marks, Diminish Cellulite and more!


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