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Q. Does this have side effects?

 No. These are natural ingredients which work with your body not against it so it's safe to consume. Of course, you should consult with your health professional whenever you're considering taking ANY new supplement.


Q. Can I get a refund if it doesn't work?

 Yes. You have 60 days from the moment your package is delivered to try it and request a refund if you aren't satisfied.


Q. How  is this different from other options?

 We've been in business longer. We have specialist who help in the customization of our very effective supplement. It's manufactured in an FDA registered facility. All our ingredients surpass FDA inspection standards. Plus, we work from the inside where everything really happens!


Q. How fast will I get results?

 Typically it takes 3-4 weeks in most cases. Women who gain more weight in their midsection (apple shaped) see results in 1-2 weeks.


Q. If I stop will my results go away?

 We recommend using the supplement for at least 6 weeks. This helps ensure results are permanent by helping your body adjust to a new fat distribution pattern. However, you may want to do a "touch up" once a year.




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CODE CURVES™ has a variety of ingredients that essentially work in 3 ways:


1. It helps diminish bad chemicals your body produces under stress. Stress on your body can be caused by lifestyle, food choices, lack of sleep, emotional stress, etc. This causes fat to be deposited in your stomach, lower back, chin line, arms, etc. These are chemicals like cortisol. These ingredients help destroy those chemicals naturally.


2. It supports muscle growth. It helps your body recuperate faster after muscle tissue fatigue. It supplies important nutrients directly to your muscles (your body breaks them down of course).


3. It balances hormones while activating receptors & hormones which are responsible for puberty. These are naturally supplied by Mother Earth so any excess your body doesn't need is safely released from your body when you use the restroom.


Over time your body gets accustom to this new pattern and it begins to distribute fat in this pattern thus you can quit and not worry about losing results. The time this takes is usually between 4-9 weeks.


PLUS... this is the greatest part, it come with a free book. Get access to Code Curves Book instantly after completed payment. Read it on any device or computer.


The guide is over 100 pages of complete natural enhancement. Discover what to eat and when to eat to get a bigger butt, wider hips, slimmer waistline and fuller breast.


Learn which exercise to do and how with the minimal amount of effort and fastest results. You also find out secret natural techniques and remedies/rituals which will help you get sexy natural curves. Each section has amazing details on how to naturally and safely enhance your body.



Sections Include: Bigger Butt, Wider Hips, Slimmer Waistline, Remove Stretch Marks, Diminish Cellulite and more!


Soy Isoflavones Helps fight off bad chemicals and is a weaker form of estrogen since it is plant based. Soy isoflavones will help void the if your body isn’t producing enough chemicals to help support the development of curves in the female body.


Black Cohosh Besides it effects on helping with depression and anxiety which indirectly helps keep bad hormones at bay this natural ingredient helps make sure fat is deposited into the hips, buttocks and in some the breast instead of the waistline, stomach and lower back areas.


Dong Quai This organic ingredient assists your body by making sure your hormones are balanced. This means it makes sure you don’t have too much or too little. It also helps with blood flow to areas like your butt, hips and breast which is beneficial if you wanted to combine it with exercise making your efforts more effective.


Licorice This is another natural ingredient which helps make sure you aren’t depositing bad hormones in your body that cause you to gain fat in your midsection giving you a muffin top and sloppy figure. It fights off bad hormones. It also improves your immune system.


Red Clover This safe and natural ingredient helps support your female hormones responsible for your curves. It also helps support stronger bones which is an extremely common problem women end up facing as they get older.


Sage This natural ingredient is used to help support your entire body’s system and help negate bad chemicals and hormones. This will positively effect your mental state, make sure you aren’t depositing fat in boyish places and support your natural systems. It directly effects the chemicals which effect and activate the development of wider hips, a bigger butt, and fuller breast.


Chasteberry This helps to safety lower male hormones in the female body especially those that are too high. This results in a more feminine and curvaceous appearance.


Blessed Thistle Helps support your female organs and nourish them for their maximum health.


Red Raspberry This is included to help support the balance of your hormones by diminishing any excess negative hormones. It also helps diminish female cancer causing cells.


Wild Yam Is a natural ingredient which helps support and nourish the liver which is where most things are absorbed into the body when consumed. This helps this supplement become more effective.




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